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Senior living is designed for older adults who value their independence, but need more support with daily activities.

Serene Unity Home Care offers private living, help with household chores, cooking, care coordination, and support for day-to-day activities, as well as a 24-hour care team.

Deciding if the time is right for yourself or your loved one is a highly personal decision, based on many factors specific to your family.

If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below, it may be time to consider senior living.

  1. Is keeping your house maintained becoming cumbersome? 

  2. Are there days when showering or bathing is too difficult to manage on your own? 

  3. Is it becoming harder to move around the house safely by yourself?

  4. Have more than a few meals been routinely forgotten?

  5. Is decision making becoming a burden?

  6. Have bills and other financial obligations been slipping? ​

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11469 N Haggerty Rd.

Plymouth, MI 48170

(312) 202-2552 or (734) 775-5257

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